Introduction to Marketing KPIs

Marketing KPIs

Published on 09-06-2022

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Marketing KPIs

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Marketing KPIs

Have you ever thought that something was missing from your company, but you could never put your finger on it?

Well, let me introduce you to marketing KPIs.

  • KPIs, better known as Key Performance Indicators, are quantifiable measures that companies use to indicate progress and to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns.
  • Some examples of KPIs are organic engagement, Digital Marketing ROI, Conversion Rates, Sales Growth, and Website Traffic to Website Lead Ratio.
  • Many companies stay on top of their KPIs by setting goals for the amount of social media downloads, reaches, and site visits that they receive.


Now, you may be wondering “why should I invest in companies who use KPIs?”


Well, studies have shown that leading marketers are 3X more likely to agree that focusing on building reliable estimates and benchmarks has led to their success.

Want to work with a brand that utilizes KPIs, but don’t know where to start?

That’s what Jelloow is here for!  Here at  Jelloow, we use KPIs to set progressive goals, including how to find the best agencies for our consumers.


In addition, Jelloow helps brands create their own KPIs and prioritize their projects. We use marketing/Al technology to directly and efficiently affiliate your company to one of our Marketing Agency Partners.

Whats the full video here - 

So, what are you waiting for? Come grow your brand with Jelloow!



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