8 Digital Marketing Myths: Debunk ‘em All!

8 Digital Marketing Myths: Debunk ‘em All!

Published on 06-08-2021

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8 Digital Marketing Myths: Debunk ‘em All!

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The Digital Marketing revolution began when Archie Query Form led the world into technological advancement. In 1993, the first banner ad welcomed the possibility of advertising online. While the rest is history, the Internet started to explode with myths about Digital Marketing. We’re excited to put some myths to rest- Forever!!


#Digital Marketing Myth01: Starters’ Pack for a Start-up: An Enthusiastic Friend, A Coffee Shop, And A Website Marketing


You need to have an enthusiastic friend who cries over every little inconvenience their office gives and can’t wait to start their own business. Then, a perfect barista place where you can lay out the business plan on some tissue paper.


Lastly, a website.


Many entrepreneurs believe that a website is enough to get you through the breakpoint and later make some profits. However, a site is not everything about digital.


Along with a responsive and creatively put together website, you need to have:


●   Social Media Accounts

●   Creative Ads

●   Branding Strategy

●   Lead Generation Campaigns

●   Traffic is driven via SEO and much more


#Digital Marketing Myth02: SEO is FINALLY Dead


“SEO is dead” has been an eternal phrase now. Some experts are preying on ending the era of SEO.


We do agree that SEO practices from the year 2010 won’t come in handy now. But you have to find a way to learn and execute what’s trending.


For the updated SEO practices:


●   Purpose your content for your audience first

●   Focus on topics more than keywords

●   Create the best quality of backlinks

●   Make sure the site is technically optimized 

●   Utilize local listings, local keyword targeting, and local SEO content strategy

●   Optimize your website for voice search

●   Use keywords in the permalink; make it clean


For the fact- SEO services are well blooming and serving the purpose.


#Digital Marketing Myth03: Once Upon a Time, I SEO-ed.


There’s still a percentage of businesses that pay heed to SEO. But they think it to be a one-day game. If you are worried to improve your Alexa rankings and can’t wait to see your site on #1 SERPs for the targeted keywords, then you’ve to work tirelessly.


Tip for You: Create a strategy for a quarter, assign a budget and execute the plan. Note the results. Make improvements and utilize the same for the next quarter.


However, do strategize a new plan whenever you come across an update as SEO algorithms change now and then.


#Digital Marketing Myth04: Social for People Not for Businesses as digitalmarketer


Social media gained a repo to “bring people together”. Brands are now also utilizing it to connect with their end customer. But do you think B2B companies don’t have anything to do with it?


As the platforms sprouted, classification followed. You need to discern the use of every platform and identify the kind of audience available on each.


How to put social media to use for a business?

●   Find out the right platform for your business

  • Define your audience
  • Set your goal
  • Find where your audience is

●   Find the ground (platform) where your competitors are playing (performing) well

●   Customize content & creative strategy for different social media channels


You need to involve your end customers with your brand even if they are not your direct customers. Especially for B2B companies. Your potential prospects will gain more trust through your profile if they understand your dynamics with the audience.


#Digital Marketing Myth05: Oh no! It’s bad that they cribbed about me.


Negative comments online? Scariest notification for any brand. But are all negative comments bad for your company’s reputation?


We tend to differ from the popular opinion that negative comments bring unnecessary backlash from the customers. We think you can use this as an opportunity to create awareness. What else you can do with negative comments?


●   Confide your customers in you by responding to their worries

●   Gain brand authenticity by staying real

●   Showcase your problem-solving skills

●   Stay prompt and connect with your customer base (Quick Customer Servicing gets you extra points)

As it’s said, “Bad publicity is good publicity.” (Wink!)


#Digital Marketing Myth06: Perfect to the T when it’s about Creativity


The author of Procrasdemon - The Artist's Guide to Liberation From Procrastination, Neeraj Agnihotri puts it in the best way possible, “The desire for perfection often leads to the awakening of the Procrasdemon. Allowing yourself to make mistakes is the single most effective way to get rid of it.”


In digital space, you want to create havoc with something extra-ordinary, unheard of, and unseen for sure. But don’t waste your time until that happens.


You’ve to keep making your move every day till the time comes when your creativity is praised by the masses.


Though aim for perfection, don’t get bogged down by disappointment. Every piece of the word, image, and video is nothing but a few bytes. They’re in today, out tomorrow. Post it; get over it.


#Digital Marketing Myth07: SEM for Branding Marketing? What?


SEM is done with an intention, purpose, and goal. Whereas, branding is an organic process to gain the likes of your audience. There seems to be no bridge between the two for many business owners.


But here’s how you can use SEM for branding:

●   Keep your competitors away from #1 Rank on SERPs by bidding on the targeted keywords

●   Dedicate a budget for brand awareness

●   Users searching for your (type of) products show potential to get converted; so be there on the top for them


#Digital Marketing Myth08: Retargeting Marketing  is so wannabe


You need to put your ego away when it comes to retarget. It’s not like you’ve been rejected by your crush.


Show consistency and meet their expectations the next time you lure them to your site. The retargeted audience is indeed the most potential customer for you. 89% of users have a positive or neutral reaction towards retargeting; so it’s not a wannabe act.


Here’s the quick guide to do it right:

●   Create urgency using copies that push the intend

●   Introduce ‘exclusive’, ‘prestigious’ or ‘just for you’ offer for upselling and cross-selling customers who ended up buying from you previously

●   Rotate a set of 3-5 ads keeping the conversion as your goal so that your audience doesn’t get bored


We Gotcha Ya’!


When you think digital, think of opportunities. Let us know if we helped you to debunk some of the common myths. As Andy Warhol said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”


So, let’s get on to the task of doing digital marketing with absoluteness. For assistance, we’re the best creative digital agency to contact, anytime!

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