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Running digital marketing campaigns for your small businesses on social media platforms is a tricky business altogether. Before you strategize the activities for the next quarter, you need to know- who is your target audience? And that’s not where the story ends.


From understanding who they are, where are they, what do they do to how they interact with your competitors? You should have complete knowledge about your target audience before putting your marketing budget into paid or organic activities online.


So, here’s a cheat sheet for you to begin your search:


1. Know your business and its target market


This is usually the easiest step if asked to an entrepreneur. That’s because they know what they sell and to whom they want to sell. In marketing terms, this is the potential audience. However, this set of people isn’t exactly your target group (TG). In most cases, it is far from your actual customers.


Why is that so?


Planning a business at times requires you to forget the marketing challenges. These may occur in terms of location, spending limits, competitors, budding competition, and the list goes on. There have been examples in the past where the businesses had to adjust their cost price to serve their actual TG.


So, the first step is to identify who is your ideal buyer.


2. Market Research of The Existing Competitors and the target audience


We all have someone to look up to. And for first-time business owners, having competitors is considered a blessing in disguise. How’s that? Well, you get to read success stories and also the failed attempts of the existing businesses. That can help you to avert the obvious wrong choices.


For example: You may be selling Online Fashion Jewellery in New York. However, had you been targeting Brooklyn or Chelsea, the conversion rate of your online business would have been better as the market has lesser competition and people have higher buying capacity.


These are some of the insights to borrow from your existing competition. Also, the digital marketing strategies they used to accelerate their business can give you an idea of where your audiences are. In the marketing sphere, you have to steal your customers from other companies.


3. Create Buyers Persona (target audience)


While you have spent time analyzing the market trends and competitors, it is time to identify the authentic TG!


  • Start with defining your competitors

  • Find some 100 profiles who interact with these brands regularly

  • Create an analysis that documents their action- Likes, Interests, Job Profile, Groups, etc


This should give you an absolute idea of whom to target when it comes to creating content marketing and paid marketing strategies.


4. Study Social Media Groups and People


Get active on social media groups. If you’re dealing in B2C, Facebook groups will be your place for finding your potential buyers. However, if you have a B2B company, LinkedIn groups can help you create good connections.


As stakeholders, you should also be involved in personal branding activities. When you connect with people, you have the opportunity to direct them to your business page. This allows you to reach other connections and a similar audience and grow your network through connections.


Social media groups are ideally concentrated. Your niche audience is present there, and with your content marketing, you should attract their attention. So, be active to find your TG!


5. Website Analytics



Web Analytics for finding target audience on social media


Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to have the best insights into visiting your website. And that’s not all…


  • When

  • Where

  • From where

  • For how long they interact

  • Demographics

  • Geography


Spend good time reading the charts and numbers to find your target audience for social media via Website Analytics.


6. Paid Marketing Analytics


It could be a possibility that you are advertising with an audience in mind. However, if you’re running it on a fairly broad audience, the next step is to retarget the people who interacted with you the first time.


Paid marketing runs on an algorithm that attracts the audience, which is likely to interact with your business for the product and services.


The system intelligence and AI used behind their platform ads are sensitive and can help you determine your TG better.


Take Away:


While these are some of the best ways to learn more about your audience, you can also find help at no cost by consulting us! Go to Jelloow’s network of agencies and push your queries to them. Support is right around the corner!


Social Media Tips to Find Your Target Audience

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for most businesses. This is where they can find their target audience, build their brand image, and gather feedback from the consumers.

The most important tip to remember when using social media marketing is that it is not about you. Instead, it's about the people who follow you and what your social media profile tells them about your company and products.

Social media attracts a lot of attention these days because of the sheer amount of people on them - over 3 billion active users as of 2018. The best way to get noticed and stand out in this crowded space is to showcase your personality through content.


What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement is the process of sharing content on social media to bring traffic, followers, and customers.

Recent research has indicated that for every 100 tweets posted by a business, they are only able to create 3 new customers. That means that it is important for businesses to ensure that their content is being seen by as many people as possible. Social media engagement can be achieved through different methods like paid advertising, organic reach, and social sharing.

Social media activity refers to the process of publishing content on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., which brings traffic and followers to the company’s website or blog. It also allows companies to track which posts are resonating most with their audience and what posts are performing best with their audiences.


How to Identify Your Target Audience on Social Media

With the increasing popularity of social media, it's becoming difficult to identify your target audience on specific platforms. This article shares tips on how you can identify your target audience on social media.

You should start with finding out what your niche is. If you are a lifestyle blogger, for example, then you have a certain type of person in mind when you want to find your target audience. Identifying the niche will help you narrow down who these potential customers are and what their interests are.

This process will provide insights into what the future of social media looks like for different demographics. You can then use these insights to determine which platform is right for reaching your audience and which tools might be most effective at delivering this outcome.


Tips For Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media is vital for businesses that want to connect with their target market. However, identifying your target market can be a challenge because it is often hard to know who you are targeting.

So, how do you find your ideal customer on social media? Here are some tips for finding your target audience:

1) Identify the company/brand from their social media platform.

2) Determine who or what they love most on social media and see if they have a brand or product affiliation with them.

3) Look at what they're talking about and who is responding to them on social media.

4) Find out what topics they're posting about most frequently.  


How to Create Content That Appeals To The Right People & Keeps People Engaged

Content that resonates with people's interests and keeps them engaged is one of the essential factors for success. When creating content, it is important to consider what your target audience wants to hear about.

How does one know what their target audience wants to hear? You have to have a clear understanding of your audience. This can be done by asking questions, conducting surveys, or even just observing the behavior of your target audience.

The right content appeals to the right people and keeps them engaged in order to deliver a superior customer experience.


Tips for Creating Content That Will Drive New Customers & Generate Sales

This article discusses the most important tips to create content that will drive new customers and generate sales. I hope these tips will help you create compelling, valuable content that will drive your business to success.

Tips for Creating Content That Will Drive New Customers & Generate Sales:

1) Make it interesting:

2) Focus on the customer journey:

3) Consider the target audience:

4) Make it actionable:

5) Create a sense of urgency:

6) Leverage your company's expertise


How to reach the right audicence on social Platforms

Audiences are changing, and that requires a change in how you reach them.

Traditional advertising is not enough in today’s world. Consumers don’t care about the “traditional marketing” anymore. They are open to share their thoughts on social platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or even Reddit.

How can you reach your potential audience? The best way to find them is to listen and interact with them on social media platforms as they will guide you as to what content they want you to create for them. In other words, listen more than talk!


Best Practices for Creating Successful Content That Drives Business Growth & Leads New Customers

The best way to create content that builds brand awareness, leads, and drives business growth is to make sure that the content is relevant.

There are numerous best practices for creating successful content; I'll share some of the most important ones here.

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