Is SEO in 2022 Still Relevant

SEO in 2022: Still Relevant?

Published on 27-03-2022

Posted By - Enrique Gimenez
SEO in 2022: Still Relevant?

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SEO in 2022: Still Relevant?

By, Natalie Starr


Every so often, a declaration is made that SEO is dying. It was invented over twenty years ago, so it is a fair claim. Search Engine Optimization is still relevant, although its usage has and continues to transform over time.


We should less frequently study the popularity of SEO, instead look into the purpose it serves and the form and function that is currently being used. For long term results, Organic Searches continue to drive a lot of results.


It’ll be intriguing to see how SEO operates currently.






Older SEO used to rely directly on more input to gain a smaller output. It’d be a lot of stuffing keywords in by page and creating keyword variants.


It is interesting to look at keyword variants and stuffing, for example if you were trying to gain attention for a pair of blue jeans you may include: Jeans, Denim Pants, Blue Jeans, Blue Denim Pants, Denim, Denim Jeans, Blue Denim Jeans, etc.


This would go on endlessly. 


By adding more keywords, the SEO worked more effectively and increased the chance of your site being discovered. Yet, nowadays: it is all about efficiency.


Now that there is so much more on the internet there’s also, estimated to be about 5.6 billion Google Searches a day.


So the real determining factor is:  how can you ensure that your business/brand appears within the first several search pages. It is about cleverness and direct keywords to ensure that it will reach the target audience.


You may have similar keywords, but not nearly as many.


They must be more direct and Google even offers you strategy.


This will provide you with popular searches based upon your original search, therefore your used keywords should better match the solution you offer. These are considered “long-tail keywords.” Long-tail keywords offer a lot of power when utilizing SEO.

(Photograph: screenshot of a Google Search “is SEO”).




Most organic traffic to sites is driven by blogs these days. Blogs are like the ultimate creation to gain momentum for your website.  



Even More Key than Keywords: Content


If you are truly looking to drive Google Searches to your website, posting content is so incredibly beneficial. The more activity on your site equates to more people accessing your site.


If you want people to read your content, the quality should be superb and comprehensive. This means, not only in writing, but also appearance.


When it comes to titling, consider utilizing colons (:) to introduce topics with more simplicity and organization. 


People tend to do better when they have a busier and more interactive screen. It introduces a freedom that makes them feel responsible for the functionality of the site.


The more content, the more keywords, and the more pages people have to click at. 

A great way to increase your site's credibility and definitely a very popular strategy these days is: link building. It relates to how Google ranks pages and the higher quality of site you link, and more links utilized: the better off your site is.



IDK, Google it.


It’s difficult to determine what the most popular internet content is, sometimes it is easier to determine what to share by utilizing Google. Once you have a subject to write about, create a video, or infographic for: consider searching it on Google. 


View the most popular results and study the strategies, any recurring patterns, and tools that were utilized to gain attention for those posts. 


You are then left with two options: create something that will impress everyone or create something that mimics the posts you viewed. 


There is no saying which will do better as SEO is ever-changing, but either way: as long as you share high-quality pieces in consistent quantity: you are better off than most sites.




SEO is never going to die, but it continuously transforms throughout time. Strategies that were popular five years ago are not going to be common practices today. Sometimes it’ll even change overnight. 


The best you can do is ensure that the content you are producing is well-informed, utilizes informed keywords, and takes practices from some of the most popular and credible websites in your industry/niche. Find your SEO agency here at Jelloow. 


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