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8 Writing Tips to Steal The Attention of Your Audience

Published on 23-05-2021

Posted By - Enrique Gimenez
8 Writing Tips to Steal The Attention of Your Audience

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Are you a copywriter? Or looking for content writing services? Then this article is for you.


We strain every nerve in our brain to get that “Eureka!” moment whenever we begin writing a piece. The first few lines are always dreadful. You would type-erase-type-type-erase-type several times until it forms a para. However, the road is longer than it seems.

You want your copies to turn out attractive, sensible, and relevant to the target audience. Going deep down to the third level of your mind and pulling out creative punchlines, headings, and most importantly content requires extra effort.

Worry less, folks! We’ve got trustworthy writing tips for your next writing venture. Follow us!

8. Advice: Maintain Monthly Editorial Calendar


Maintaining a calendar has to be a habit for a writer. Why?

●       Keeps you motivated to write

●       No time wastage to find the topic every day

●       Provides a wireframe for your website and social media platforms

●       Work becomes strategic & consistent


Apart from these efficiency benefits, you will find a balance for your creativity as well.



7. Just Write, Write, Write.


Pushing through deadlines, shuffling between projects, and proofreading your previous content can take a toll on your productivity. We’ve all been through that phase. There are days when it’s just not happening.

But, keep writing.

To motivate other writers, Louis L’Amour said, “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

When our writers fall back to their grey zone, we take things light and slow. Let them produce copies that aren’t their best. We believe that a badly written page can be corrected but a blank page is of no use.

 Next time, use your “Writer’s Block” for good.


6. Storytelling is the master key to the audience’s attention zone


Stories are the essence of life. Secretly, we all want to live a life that can be written in history books. And digital content marketing is no exception.

Storytelling improves your editorial. It’s the factor of suspense that makes your write-up a million dollars.

Wondering, how would we do it?

We obsess over reading, learning, and correcting ourselves. Also, try these steps to improve your storytelling skills:

● Study Comedians. Listen to TED talks. Follow Podcasts. Pay attention to Politicians’ Speeches. These influential people are great at keeping their audiences engaged with their content for as long as they want. Pick that quality.

● READ. There’s no shortcut. There’s a misconception that every writer has to be a book lover. We agree to disagree with this belief. However, even if you’re not a book-lover, you have to become an avid reader. Reason? Reading different genres prepares you to write for various industries.

●      Know what they say? Let critics be brutal than your audience. Take reviews before publishing your copies from some of your dear colleagues or friends. It’s a good way to know if they’ve received your thoughts well or not. If there’s a conflict, you can simply resolve it.


5. Not everything is about storytelling or a book


This doesn’t mean you’ve to turn into William Shakespeare every time you sit to write. Let go of your super creative hat once in a while.

Produce copies that are straightforward for your target audience. Sometimes, people are actually looking for quick guides or solutions to their problems. This is when your plain but purposeful content will come in handy.


4. Get Balance Act of Beautifying the Usuals


What’s written in the basic style keeps the authenticity. Writers have to resist a lot to stay on the line. We tend to make idioms, quotes, statistics, and fiction our best friend while penning down a piece of content. Is it bad though?

Nope! You just need to strategically place it. Anything that has an excess of textual beautification would fail to deliver the message.


3. The Count Story tips


Listicles are famous. We love to create long-format content that reads “ 10 Steps…”, “17 Strategies…”, “5 Famous Tips…”, “11 Proven Facts…”, and more. It has worked fine to capture the eye of readers and get clicks from SERPs. But are you doing this concept right?

There are two ways to create your listicle:

● Reverse Count: If you’re writing something like “Top”, “Most”, “Best”, etc then keep the best for the last. The reverse count will keep the suspense factor alive in your content.

● Sequential Count: This helps when you want to write a stepwise guide for your readers.

 Meanwhile, did you notice what we did in this article?


2. Tips to Make Facts Relatable as writers


“2 Billion people are active on Facebook.”


“2 in 7 people are active on Facebook.”

With the latter statement, you are simply making the facts more realistic and relatable. People can quantify how many users are online among their own group. This way of presenting facts will help your readers to connect and understand the quantum of the situation.

So the next time you are caught in the middle of making statistics look good, you know how to put it. Example: “One in four women…”, “9 out of 10 people…”, and more.


1. Feedback- The Ego Killer


Whether you’re starting out new or have been in this field for a while now, feedback is never going to be easy.

As creative marketing consultants, we can’t emphasize more on not taking feedback as personal attacks. Never let them cross your heart but contain them in your mind.

Every reader will come along with their set of opinions. Choose what falls into your bucket of criteria. While keeping your target audience and client into consideration, keep updating your copies until they all scream- “Perfect!”

Positive criticism will always shape your copy into a remarkable piece as it ensures that readers receive what you intend to deliver.


Tighten up your belts…

Since the inception of digital marketing solutions, creating calling-out content has always remained essential. However, now it needs to be witty, hard-hitting, and actionable.

Work on your skills to become influencers. Think like thought leaders who dominate the crowd. Or you can just choose the preferred services from the trusted network of talented content marketers at Jelloow. We bolster your company’s growth with the right dose of marketing and creativity. For continued support, keep watching this space for more suggestions.

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