8 Tips For Social Media Content Writing by Jelloow Experts

8 Tips For Social Media Content Writing by Jelloow Experts

Published on 27-07-2021

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8 Tips For Social Media Content Writing by Jelloow Experts

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Hey! If you’re looking for a quick guide for writing social media content for brands or celebrities, stick around. I’m Misty, writing for branding around the world for the past five years. It has been quite a journey to look back, but I still feel a guide like this that I had read before writing my first post.


Write content for your social media


Social media content is any type of content that is specifically designed to be shared across various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and so on.


Why should you care about social media content?


A well-written and optimized social media post has the potential to go viral. These posts can reach thousands of people in no time without spending a dime on advertising.


How do you write good social media posts?


You need to take into account different types of audiences and what motivates them: their emotions, their needs, and desires for your product or service, offer clear benefits to the audience, make sure that your message is relevant to them. It's also important to optimize for search engines by using keywords relevant to your industry in the headline.


So, don’t worry about starting your social media marketing journey today because these eight golden tips will lead you to wonders of content creation!


1. Tone Your Content


Make your social media content writing a fun piece of information. Don’t just quote the statistics. Try to accompany it with a story. It is easier to remember a story than the numbers associated with them. So, if you have to be chatty with your audience, then make your content worth a read.


2. Research Well


There are so many times when brands don’t do their research well or forget to give credits. That’s a big no-no! It hurts the brand image when people point out. Be on top of the trends but make sure your content is aligned with the actuality.


Also, it is best to use the Click-Bait content intelligently. At times, an over-promising headline may help you get clicks but will also give you some unfollows instantly.


3. Adapt to Your Audience


You have to do and say as per your audience. It’s a content-driven industry, so your content marketing will be received well when you publish what your audience desires to engage with. 


If you’re an eCommerce business, then try to share additional information about your products on your page. Brands who use it to share product links to their landing pages are thought selfish. 


In fact, you build your reputation when you actually help your audience to utilize your product and service to the fullest through your platforms.


4. Speak To Your Audience


Talk to your clients. Did you receive an excellent compliment for your product and service? Take a screenshot and post with on your social media account while thanking your clients. 


Or did someone commented on your posts? Find a friendly reply. You have to do this for the negative comments too. Engage your audience with your witty, funny, empathetic, and kind messages that will make people laugh or find you relatable. 


5. Keep it Short


It’s a 3-second attention span that you’re dealing with. You need to be precise when you write copies for social media. Digital agency networks like Jelloow can help you to phrase your information such that people want to click and visit you more often.


6. Make it Shiny and Attractive


Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Tiktok are already graphic-driven platforms. Do you wonder how you can utilize content writing tips on these channels? Well, digital content creation is about making stories that can be consumed in more than one way. So, if you’re writing a social media blog, I suggest you also create infographics, videos, still graphics, PDFs, and PPTs on the same topic and post it at various channels where the need be.


7. Experiment With Your Content


Going by the theme is a great idea indeed. However, don’t restrict yourself from attempting to create new templates, tone, or using different language. To use your content piece in various other forms is an art that you must learn to stay consistent with creation.


When your mind is dealing with writer’s block, you can use the previous content and revamp it to your use. That should give you a good balance.


8. Choose Your Platform


Most importantly, you should know where your audience is. And it’ll be good to know where they intend to engage more. Is it YouTube that they often come and go? You can start preparing video scripts that will appeal to them more. Create share-worthy content on LinkedIn if you have a B2B company selling software packages. 


Keep it concise when you’re working on Twitter and make your content trendy on Instagram.


So, are you ready to take up the challenge of excelling in social media content writing now? Why don’t you try seeking the help of your experts at Jelloow? Just drop a “hi!” and we’ll be quick to respond.

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