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Sunbytes & Hive Digital

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Sunbytes & Hive Digital

Service: SEO

Budget: Around $3500

Match: Sunbytes & Hive Digital

Sunbytes & Hive Digital

Project Manager at Jelloow

Oct 2022 - 


We needed a consultancy agency to bridge our SEO efforts while we attempted to hire an in-house Director of SEO. Jelloow lined up 4 qualified options within 3 days.


As a startup, Sunbytes likes to move fast. Thus, we knew that they would need a partner who had experience in the industry and also could work quickly to help them identify and execute on the strategies that would get them the results they needed long term.

Hai came to Jelloow needing help finding the right team to support him in Sunbyes SEO efforts.


We ended up landing with a great qualified team in our entire industry within 2 weeks. It was 1 part luck, 1 part Jelloow


After a 20 minute call talking through our business, our challenges, and what we were specifically looking for we knew we had the right partner for SunBytes. SunBytes has since gone on to see incredible growth on the SEO front, and we even scaled up our marketing efforts with the Hive Digital team. 



Jelloow was the perfect solution as we set out to build our SEO platform. They continue to be an extension of our team, and help us scale – faster.’