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We introduced to
Somnics & Trace Brand Building

Here is their story

Match: Somnics & Trace Brand Building

Service: Content Marketing

Budget: Around $4500

  Match: Somnics & Trace Brand Building

Match: Somnics & Trace Brand Building

Project Manager at Jelloow

Aug 2021 - 



Customer Somnics reached out to Jelloow team in order to find a like minded agency 



We were selected as the fortunate agency to spice up their # of leads and get more  traction (= LeadGen)



We came up with a creative campaign / big idea for them and they loved the 3 concepts  we presented.

We then developed messaging for them and tested which campaign would have a better  response with their target audience.

We have just finished the testing and the campaign has been selected



We have managed to take the cost per lead from $23 to $5.90 through the use of our  emotive marketing language tool and our creative efforts.

We are starting to now work on their social media designs for December



They are a fabulous client to work with, and we are so grateful for the role  that Jelloow had to play in matching us with them, can't thank the Jelloow team enough. 

- Tracey – Trace Brand Building