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How to improve chances of getting hired?

Read same advise from wise owl!

Communicate Well &

Take this opportunity of making business a game-changer for you. So, be concise, clear, and correct with your message. Be polite and respectful when communicating with our businesses, whether over Jelloow Box or in person.

Revise our
Sales Lessons

At the end of the day, an agency and a business are two humans interacting with each other. While you’re expected to be professional, it doesn’t mean you take the element of emotions out of the box. Let your clients express and then build upon a relationship that can last for longer, personally and professionally.


Jelloow wants you to work and we will find you the clients. Once we get you a deal, we expect you to perform like there’s no tomorrow. Give it your best before you set to rest. When you deliver a project, ensure your clients leave a review for you. Jelloow reads your reviews and finds you more clients!

Stay Relevant and Real

You should look like a real agency! We know you’re a team of great marketers walking out for coffees and lunches. Let’s have some of your moments captured so the clients can recognize you for more than just agency. Also, don’t forget to add a work portfolio and sample work- the more, the better!

Be With Us

Jelloow is a digital marketing platform and when you’re starting new, there could be a few misses. But stay consistent in replying to the messages and find the right client for yourself. Keep updating, monitoring, and experimenting to optimize your profile to see what works for you.


We know you are looking for answers

As an introductory offer, Jelloow welcomes the agency with a free trial of a Jelloow Package of 14 days. You will get full access to all features on the platform. When you register, we’ll send you the login credential via email. Post the trial period 'Jelloow' will send you an automatic notification to upgrade to selective paid subscriptions. You will still have access to free services.

With Jelloow we are helping marketing agencies select their brands for the next years. Matches will be done based on the common nominator of both brand & agency in terms of budget, industry, target audience...

If you’re unsure which plan to begin with, we suggest you choose the free plan to begin with. You will have a vast view of all the features Jelloow has to offer you and how you can leverage such a platform for your benefit and then if required, upgrade the package for more features.

All forms of online payment via PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

Jelloow is a marketing agency-neutral marketplace. To improve your chances to get hired: - Complete your profile on Jelloow - Upload your portfolio - Get reviews - Be consistent

We focus on companies no matter their size or expertise! Some have a team of 5 vs. others have 1,000 workers; some are independent vs. others have multiple units; … We focus on top marketing expertise, a great team scaleur spirit, and unbridled creativity.

We have subsequent customer traffic visiting the platform because of which the potential agency gets the lead. It completely depends on how well the agency describes its previous projects, client testimonials, and expertise specific to the industry.

Our cloud-based solutions are 100% data-driven and give you an analytical view of your agency's performance. When you log in to your agency dashboard you will be able to see your agency performance dashboard, which will give you a holistic view of your overall performance.

Jeloow will never charge you without your consent. Jelloow will never have access to your actual banking information, it is essentially not possible to charge you automatically. When your free trial comes to an end you still have an option to avail free subscription. In your free trial, Jelloow still gives you leads & therefore you will need to update your billing information.

Yes, Jelloow gives you access to Marketplace where the projects are posted by Jelloow Team. You can always click to buy projects from Jelloow.

Using Jelloow is free. This is how you create an account: Go to the top right corner and click on “Sign up”. Follow the steps and fill in your profile information. Welcome on board!

Jelloow works with two plans. Free : where you can test out the platform , can like and match up to 5 leads. Jelloow package: with unlimited matches & likes you can scale your agency to the next level for a monthly cost of 95 USD. In both packages, once a match is realized, Jelloow asks for 8% commission in year 1, and 3% commission in year 2.

Our current brand range from small businesses to scale up companies. Our focus is the international market.

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